When you hire a young person through YMCA Bridge Project, you make a difference. You make a difference to your business. You make a difference to the community. But most importantly, you make a difference to someone’s life.

Since 2006, over 100 of our partnered businesses have helped make a difference to over 500 young people’s lives. Many of the young people who come through YMCA Bridge Project have had difficult circumstances that have led them into a cycle of crime, and all of them are desperate to break that cycle.

Currently, the rate of reoffending in Victoria is over 50%. For those that come through YMCA Bridge Project, this drops to just 3%.

While we understand the needs and abilities of each person involved in the YMCA Bridge Project is different, their path will often follow this 5 step process:

employment process

YMCA Bridge Project provides full support for its partnered businesses to ensure a successful integration for the young people it hires through its program.

Our Bridge Project case managers are fully qualified to support businesses with work placements and providing mentor training for your staff. Providing a job requires no more effort than a normal recruitment process but has more community impact.

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For more information, or to register your interest in hiring through YMCA Bridge Project, email bridgeproject@ymca.org.au