Employ a young person, stop the cycle of crime


How can you help a young person turn their life around?

Create a safer, more inclusive community?

Help reduce crime?

It starts with you.


By hiring a young person through YMCA Bridge Project you have the power to change a life and partner with a community program that over the last 10 years has been supported by over a 100 Victorian businesses and organisations. These businesses are leading change-makers for their communities who want to stop the cycle of crime.

Since 2006, 441 young people have been employed through the program. This second chance is about more than just a regular pay-check. Work creates purpose, meaning and a positive feature.

But we need your help to continue to break down the barriers.

What can you do?

  • Employ a young person.
  • Sponsor or attend a fundraising event.
  • Make a donation, where 100% of the profits go towards our program.

Our Bridge Project case managers are specialised in supporting businesses with work placements and providing mentor training for your staff. 

Providing a job requires no more effort than a normal recruitment process but has more community impact.


Business testimonials

Hear what some of our supporters have to say about their experience with the YMCA Bridge Project – click here.


YMCA Bridge Project will continue to support employers and participants for the term of their employment and beyond.


Contact Mick Cronin YMCA Bridge Project Manager on mick.cronin@ymca.org.au