YMCA ReBuild is a social enterprise that provides quality facility maintenance services at a competitive rate. Our distinct difference? We employ young people who have been involved in—or who are at risk of being involved in—the criminal justice system that are looking to turn their lives around.


Wondering how ReBuild works?

Our qualified and committed team provides young people with extensive support, training and mentoring to help them develop trade, commercial and life-skills.

Once trained, they can be hired to complete a variety of maintenance jobs across the Melbourne metropolitan area including gardening and landscaping, painting and plastering, carpentry and building and general office duties.

ReBuild employs each young person for 6 - 12 months before they are transitioned into ongoing employment through ReBuild’s parent program, the YMCA Bridge Project, or another suitable organisation.

ReBuild has a high supervision model and ­— depending on the job type — there might be one supervisor to one young person or one supervisor to three young people.

Our current customers include Healthscope Hospitals, Serco (City Of Melbourne), Broadspectrum (City of Melbourne), Catholic Homes/Villa Maria, Axiom, and a number of YMCA camps.

Now in its fifth year, ReBuild has help changed the lives of 75 disadvantaged young people.

Reasons you should hire ReBuild today! 

  • We will satisfy your property/maintenance needs;
  • Our prices are competitive;
  • You can directly change the life of a disadvantaged young person;
  • We support your social/community responsibilities.

For more information please visit our webpage or contact the ReBuild manager Gary Sinclair,  

“In the two years I have been here I have found it hard to get a job and that has made it hard for me to keep out of trouble,” he said. “I could have ended up inside if I’d kept going in the same direction.” -Participant, Melbourne, employed by ReBuild Facility Services


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