Our Work

The YMCA Bridge Project provides support, training, and employment opportunities for young people at risk of being trapped in a recurring cycle of crime and imprisonment.  

Bridge Project crew promote World Challenge

Many of these young people have made bad decisions in the past and are looking for a second chance. When we reach out to them, they are usually vulnerable and desperately in need of guidance and support.
To help get these young people back on track, we work closely with committed partners to provide meaningful, structured and inspiring programs. Delivered in both custodial and community locations across Melbourne, our programs significantly reduce recidivism rates and empower disadvantaged young people to turn their lives around.

How we strengthen the community…

Currently the reoffending rate in Victoria is over 50%. However, for young people that take part in the YMCA Bridge Project, this drops to just 3%. This reduction saves the Victorian Government $2.8 million per year.