We rely on contributions from people like you to continue our vital work with disadvantaged young people.

By donating to the Bridge Project you are helping support young ex-offenders rebuild their life.

With your gift, you help us provide life-changing programs in the areas of mentoring, education and training, employment.

We appreciate your support in helping us give everybody the chance to be healthier, happier and better connected to their community.

How it works

The Bridge Project helps young people reconnect with mainstream society after they have completed their sentence. Without support, it is easy for a young person slip back into their old lifestyle. Through the Bridge Project, the YMCA aims to provide the valuable support and opportunities that are needed. 

While the government and businesses contribute to the Bridge Project, there is still a short fall in funding to provide the intensive support that is needed in the first three months of returning to custody. We raise money to provide this intensive support. Your donation allows for a young person to rebuild their life.

Donate online

Provide vital support to the most disadvantaged members of the community. Donate today.

Send a cheque or money order

You can download and print a donation form and mail it to us.

Give monthly

Help us plan ahead and give to more local people in the community who are doing it tough. Email to find out more. 

Give in memory

When someone you love dies, family and friends often want to do something special to honour their memory. You can make a donation to YMCA Victoria in memoriam. Send a cheque or money order to:

Victorian YMCA Youth & Community Services Inc. (Bridge Project)
Level 1 582 Heidelberg Road
Fairfield VIC 3078

Give a bequest

When leaving a bequest to the YMCA, the following wording can be used as a guide when writing a Will:

'I give the sum of $... to YMCA Open Doors to be used for the purposes of The Bridge Project and in making such bequest, I declare a general charitable intention and I further declare that the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer for the time being of the said YMCA Open Doors shall be sufficient discharge to my trustee therefore.'
You are welcome to select the program that you would like your bequest to go towards.