We are proud to work with some amazing organisations. Read about them and what they say about their involvement with the Bridge Project.


Melbourne Water has supported the YMCA Bridge Project since it started its important work  in 2005.

"We believe in providing opportunities that help young people at risk get their lives back on track and in doing so contribute in some part to improved community outcomes.

"For the past four years we have partnered with one of our service providers, Broadspectrum to provide meaningful employment opportunities for four young people.

"We are proud to be involved in such a vital, dedicated and unique community-based project."


"We truly believe that everyone should be given an opportunity, especially young people, so that they can rebuild their lives and focus on meaningful careers and their personal development.

"We thank the YMCA Bridge Project team for their dedicated work and especially to our Broadspectrum staff and contract clients for the mentoring support that is provided as part of the program and we look forward to future engagement with the program."


Multi Skills Training is the complete Melbourne training solution. Providing high quality instruction and training for multiple types of machinery including forklifts, elevated work platforms, telehandlers and many others. Multi Skills Training offers unique Occupational Health and Safety consultation services and training


The MFB has successfully completed three YMCA Bridge Project placements.

"Our involvement in the program may not lead to direct employment with our organisation, but rather represents a perfect opportunity for the participant to be exposed to a myriad of organisations ranging from Emergency Service providers to NGOs.

"Our goal is to suitably equip the participant with the skills and knowledge they require to maintain a stable course to full-time employment. The MFB enjoys the opportunity to partner with another community icon such as the YMCA, to assist in the strengthening of the resilience of those most in need."


To date, Mondo has hired two people through YMCA Bridge Project having learned of the great impact it can have on young people.

"I had attended the [Bridge Project] breakfast and was inspired by the impacts that this program had on individuals and knew that we could provide someone with a life changing opportunity."


Our business supports the efforts of the YMCA Bridge Project and its work with  younger people and helping those at risk getting their lives back on track via securing viable employment. We also see this project as one that BMC can be involved in some way in the future given our close links to the construction industry and different subcontractors.


“Over the last three years we’ve hired two male employees through the Bridge Project and have just recently hired our first female candidate.”

“By using the YMCA Bridge Project what we’ve found is that you actually find some assets in the kids moving forward, even if they’ve got disadvantages, we need to find that. By mentoring them through this program I think we can find those assets.” - Matt Shorey, Turf Manager