We are proud to work with some amazing organisations. Read about them and what they say about their involvement with the Bridge Project.


"We truly believe that everyone should be given an opportunity, especially young people, so that they can rebuild their lives and focus on meaningful careers and their personal development.

"We thank the YMCA Bridge Project team for their dedicated work and especially to our Broadspectrum staff and contract clients for the mentoring support that is provided as part of the program and we look forward to future engagement with the program."


Since 2014, Far East Consortium Australia’s partnership has contributed immensely to the YMCA Bridge Project’s ability to change the lives of young ex-offenders who are desperate to break out of a cycle of crime.

"Some years ago I was at a YMCA Bridge Project function and the stories moved me, so I thought how I can help? I donated to the Bridge Project and that reoccurred for a few years... Far East Consortium are proud to help the YMCA Bridge Project by sponsoring the Bridge Project Breakfast and hope we can influence others to get involved, and find jobs for young people on it programs." - Rob Cooke, General Manager


To date, Mondo has hired two people through YMCA Bridge Project having learned of the great impact it can have on young people.

"I had attended the [Bridge Project] breakfast and was inspired by the impacts that this program had on individuals and knew that we could provide someone with a life changing opportunity."


Our business supports the efforts of the YMCA Bridge Project and its work with  younger people and helping those at risk getting their lives back on track via securing viable employment. We also see this project as one that BMC can be involved in some way in the future given our close links to the construction industry and different subcontractors.


“Over the last three years we’ve hired two male employees through the Bridge Project and have just recently hired our first female candidate.”

“By using the YMCA Bridge Project what we’ve found is that you actually find some assets in the kids moving forward, even if they’ve got disadvantages, we need to find that. By mentoring them through this program I think we can find those assets.” - Matt Shorey, Turf Manager


Since it first started utilising ReBuild's services in 2016, Vicinity Centres' relationship has grown from working at one centre, to now having completed work at 17 centres

I would encourage all business leaders to hire YMCA ReBuild and not to be afraid to do that. They're not a charity organisation they're an actual business, and that standard of quality of workmanship that they will put out, and the passion they bring to the job is priceless." - Greg Makin, Regional Operations Manager.