Having a job is a fundamental part of feeling connected to your community. It provides structure and routine whilst increasing an individual’s self-esteem and sense of direction.

With our support, providing a job is an opportunity for your business to create a caring and supportive community within your workplace whilst teaching specific workplace and life skills to enable an individual to grow and reach their full potential.

Our Bridge Project case managers are specialised in supporting businesses with placements and providing mentor training for your staff. Employers can provide an opportunity, skills and a job with the peace of mind knowing the experience will not require any more effort than their normal recruitment process.

Join other local businesses in providing disadvantaged young people with an employment placement to allow the young person to build valuable skills, self-esteem and confidence to move forward in their life.

The Bridge Project will continue to support employers and participants for the term of their employment and beyond.

For more information on how you could employ a young person through YMCA Bridge Project, email