About our crew

ReBuild employs disadvantaged young people who have offended or who are at risk of offending. Every young person we employ is individually assessed through the YMCA Bridge Project and completes a thorough risk assessment, including National Police Check and Safeguarding Children and Young People Training.

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By offering stable employment, ReBuild reduces reoffending rates for young employees from over 50% to just 3% and provides a significant saving to government.

Crew members are sourced from a multitude of areas including the Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections and various job service agencies.


We employ experienced crew leaders to coach, mentor and supervise staff.

ReBuild currently has 6 operational crews throughout greater metropolitan Melbourne. Crews vary from 2-3 people depending on the scope of the job.

ReBuild crew leaders and young employees are supported by YMCA Bridge Project specialised case managers to ensure all of their needs can be addressed for the duration of their employment.